AWT Rekultivace a.s.

Dělnická 41/884
735 64  Havířov-Prostřední Suchá
Phone: +420 596 580 111 (switchboard)
E-mail: info@awt-rekultivace.cz

Technical reclamation Petřvald

Rychvaldská ul.
735 41  Petřvald u Karviné
Phone: +420 596 580 111 (switchboard)
E-mail: info@awt-rekultivace.cz

Kladno division

Kladno Division mainly specialises in activities in relation to the reclamation of mining works and the elimination of mining impacts on landscape surfaces. The division utilises the certified EKO KARBO fly-ash stabilising agent, conducts rectification and reclamation works and deploys solutions that remove environmental burdens in the region of Central Bohemia. Additionally, the centre undertakes regular construction activities, demolitions and the maintenance of properties.

Víta Nejedlého 1575
272 61 Kladno
Salas manager of Kladno division: Jiří Mikovec
Phone: +420 312 256 152-3
GSM: +420 724 758 660
E-mail: jiri.mikovec@awt-rekultivace.cz

Waste dumps of Central spoil banks Zárubek Ostrava (COZ)

Junction of Podzámčí street (former Frýdecká) and Šenovská street
Main landmakrs: former Zárubek mine and Silesian-Ostrava castle
Phone: +420 596 248 093
Phone: +420 596 262 596
E-mail: info@awt-rekultivace.cz