OP LZZ project

Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment

Project name: Education of employees of OKD Rekultivace, a.s.
Project registration number: CZ.1.04/1.1.02/35.00341

In March 2010, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs issued the Decision on the provision of a subsidy for the project „Education of employees of OKD Rekultivace, a.s.“ Simultaneously, the realisation of the aforementioned project was initiated. Information about the project realisation is published on this page.

In a period to 1 October 2010, a marked restructuring, including a change of the company name, and a transfer of property, operations and employees from AWT, was carried out in regard to the company. In consequence of this, a supplier selection procedure was postponed, so that the selection conditions correspond to actualities which will be in effect in the organisation during the time of the project’s realisation.

Selection procedure

On 4 November 2010, a selection procedure for a supplier of educational services was announced. The selection procedure was also publicised on the website www.esfcr.cz. The tender documentation together with the invitation for the submission of offers in the PDF format can be downloaded directly from the website www.esfcr.cz. The deadline for the submission of offers was set as by 14:00 on 24 November 2010. Simultaneously with the publication of the Invitation to submit offers and the tender documentation, 5 educational agencies were directly addressed.

Offers from 4 educational agencies which fulfilled the declared conditions of the selection procedure were submitted.

Following the ending of the selection procedure, the offers were sent for evaluation and on 21 December 2010 the successful supplier was selected – the company ECS Edconsia, s.r.o., Česká Lípa (on 1 February 2011, the company's name was changed to Everesta, s.r.o.).

On 10 January 2011, a contract was agreed with the successful supplier for the preparation and realisation of an educational programme in the full extent for the approved project.

Execution of the project

On 26 January 2011, the first seminar for employees of AWT Rekultivace a.s. was realised. In cooperation with the supplier, the complete programme was drawn up in order that by the completion of the project in March 2012, 87 employees of the  company will have participated in the educational programme in 33 newly-created courses.

There was the last seminar on the topic “Change Management” for the TOP management group on December 15, 2011. The execution of the “AWT Rekultivace a.s. employee education” educational part was finished by this seminar. We also had to formally finish the project, executed with support of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the CR budget within the Operation Program Human Resources and Employment, by March 14, 2012. Which quantitative indicators we managed to achieve? (there are values of set criteria in parentheses)

  • The project supported 88 (87) Company employees
  • 584 (514) successful graduates of individual courses were evaluated
  • 33 (33) new updated courses were created
  • 998 so called "person-days“ was performed

The Company will receive a refund of CZK 1,136,821 in lieu of wage for employee attendance period in the education program from the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs (MPSV).

Within the ESF rules we have spent CZK 4,214 thousand from the awarded grant vs. the set grant total, the difference against the set grant total was due to the fact that we “managed to tender” a lower price for educational company that performed all these courses (from the grant for the courses themselves in the amount of 1,837 thousand we have used only CZK 1,723 thousand), also the wage substitution and wage costs were lower than the set ones.)

According to the budget rules we could use 18localhost from actual so called direct costs for indirect costs (e.g. office supplies, refreshments for course attendees, advertising costs, etc.). Not a small part of these financial means (approx. 218 thousand) was used for further educational activities that were not a part of the project though, immediately followed it and also helped to deepen and expand our employee qualifications. They were the following activities:

  • Course for the users of Kros Plus software for production preparation employees and production department
  • Course for the users of AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 software intended primarily for project engineers and surveyors
  • Seminar on the new amended Labor Law for 45 foremen, economists, middle management employees, etc.
  • Seminar on the questions of work time account implementation as one of possible forms of its scheduling
  • Training of evaluation interviews for TOP managers


Execution of this project saved our Company large financial means on one side, but on the other provided a large number of employees with huge amount of information and skills concerning different areas of management, communications, work organization, evaluation, planning, and now it is only up to them to utilize this theoretical knowledge in practice.