Golf Park Darkov

Development of tourism infrastructure in Karviná

The locality is situated south of the Ostrava – Karviná road, between the Olše and Stonávka rivers, on the territory of the town of Karviná. This area forms part of the mining zone of OKD, a.s. The area has been subjected to terrain modifications in past years, performed as part of the obligations of the mining organisation, namely the obligation to ensure the maintenance of tracts of land; thus, no extensive terrain modifications were needed in order to use the area for a golf development.

The proposed modifications are related to a 9-hole golf course and various structural layers:       

  • Putting green (drainage layer 20 cm, gravel 10 cm and vegetation substrate 30 cm) 
  • Teeing ground (drainage layer 20 cm, gravel 10 cm and vegetation substrate 25 cm) 
  • Bunkers (drainage layer 20 cm, gravel 5 -10 cm)

Areas between the teeing ground and the putting green, in other words “the fairway” – courses of a total approx. length of 3.66 km are grassed and maintained by means of periodic cutting of the grass cover.

The project also incorporates an underground irrigation system composed of piping and control cable lines, connected with extensive irrigation systems controlled by valves and a central unit (RAIN BIRD STRATUS system).

Upon the performance of the technical adaptations, the area will be designed as a combination of planted other-than-forest vegetation, mowed meadows and water areas. Park adaptations will take the form of group planting of wooden species and will complement the landscape forming structure of the existing wooden vegetation elements found along Stonávka River.

Golf Park Darkov before ...
Golf Park Darkov before ...
Golf Park Darkov after ...
Golf Park Darkov after ...