AWT distributes quarter million crowns among employees who help others


Transportation company AWT has distributed nearly one quarter of a million crowns among  employees who devote free time to beneficial non-profit activities. AWT’s employee sponsorship programme, “AWT is Us!”, attracted an unexpected level of interest. Funds totalling CZK 245,217 were subsequently distributed among 22 projects chosen from 55 applications received.

“AWT has always endeavoured to support employees who devote some of their free time to helping others. This year was the inaugural year of the new AWT employee sponsorship programme “AWT is Us!”, open to all employees of all AWT Group companies. We were very pleasantly surprised by the level of interest and variety of applicant activities,” said Katherini Koláčková, spokesperson for AWT.

The 55 applications received in this first year of the programme sought support totalling CZK 830,000. In response, the originally intended budget of CZK 200,000 was increased by nearly CZK 50,000 more. Additionally, three applicants received donations in kind.

The vast majority of applications were directed at supporting education and development for children and young people, including those with a disability. Financial support thus went, for example, towards the organisation of summer camps, various events for children, sport activities, and cooperation with maternal centres and various leisure-time centres. A fair share of attention was also focused on senior citizens, for whom trekking poles will be purchased for rehabilitative outdoor stays in nature.

Some supported activities are very close to AWT and its sphere of business – rail transport. They include, for example, a St Nicholas Day ride on a train pulled by a steam locomotive in the Sokolov region, a ride on the historical train “Kuksáček” operated by the Society for the Revitalisation of Local Rail Lines [Společnost pro revitalizaci místních drah], and various railway modelling activities. Financial support was also provided to voluntary firefighter units in Rychvald, Havířov and Zdechovice, Scout movement and Sokol sporting movement units, a tourist organisation as well as a gamekeepers’ association, animal shelter and an amateur theatre ensemble.

Countless colleagues among us do not hesitate when it comes to helping others. We greatly appreciate their efforts, which we are happy to support.

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