A thousand people attended AWT Children´s Day

A thousand people attended AWT Children´s Day

All but a thousand people, 450 of whom were children, visited Ostrava Zoo on a Saturday afternoon, where transportation group AWT held a Children’s Day for the families of its employees. As well as laying on an entertainment programme, AWT also contributed twenty thousand Czech crowns towards the keep of the zoo’s giraffes.

“The AWT Group employs more than 1,600 people in the Moravian-Silesian Region, while the workforce total for the entire Czech Republic exceeds 2,000 employees. It is particularly for the children and grandchildren of the employees that we organise the Children’s Day for towards the end of the summer holidays. It is an expression of our appreciation for the work of our employees, while it offers them an opportunity to spend a pleasant afternoon together. For this year, we chose Ostrava Zoo, which attracted people not only from across the Moravian-Silesian region, but also from Prague, Hodonín and even Kladno. We were very pleased about that,” said Katherini Koláčková, AWT spokesperson. AWT used the opportunity of the occasion to support Ostrava Zoo financially through the entrance fees paid, and also by contributing towards the costs of looking after the Zoo’s giraffe family.

During the course of the afternoon, the visiting children competed in several leisure activities, such as climbing up a Monkeys’ Mountain, demonstrating their vigilance when crossing a crocodile-infested river, walking down an Elephant’s Trail on elephant stilts, and propelling a ball along a beam with an elephant’s trunk. They also had to solve an animal-themed quiz, recognise the natural habitats of individual animals, and rescue toy animals from a pool or catch them with a lasso. There was also a varied supplementary programme, featuring for example magical clowns and hand puppet theatre, as well as electric boogie dancers and an air bubble show.

The occasion also offered various creative opportunities, where children could make for themselves original paper caps, insignia and badges, or express their impressions in a visual arts workshop. There was also a chance for a little enhancement of one's appearance, with face painting, a tattoo salon, and a braiding parlour, all topped off with a photo corner. In addition to a wealth of new adventures and experiences, all the children went home with confectionery and several presents packed in a smart bag: a bubble ring, an animal-themed skipping rope and a puzzle.

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