Development of AWT Rekultivace a.s.'s Human Resources


On 1 May 2013 an implementation of the project "Development of AWT Rekultivace a.s.’s Human Resources” started, which is financed from the ESF sources and Czech state budget in the amount of 3.807 million CZK. Within this project, 19 special training courses (6 for white collars and 13 for blue collars) and 14 workshops will be held for the creation and exercise of five new innovated methodologies of human resources management. 118 company employees will take part in these educational activities, which is more than 1/4 of the company employees.

The project focuses on these basic goals:


a) development of qualification level and competences of employees,

b) development of corporate systems of human resources management and development of human resources using innovative approach,

c) strengthening of job sustainability.

The project also contains measures that take into consideration principles of equal opportunities (Gender) and Age Management. The company thus adopted an active approach to meeting the goals of the European year of active aging.

Implementation of the particular parts of the project is planned until the end of April 2015.

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