Hornbach: Retail Centre Ostrava-South, Stage I

This involves the construction of the new Hornbach retail centre in the Ostrava – South locality, Stage I.

The work itself consists in building the complete infrastructure for the future Hornbach DIY store. The scope of AWT Rekultivace a.s.'s delivery consists of the complete earth works encompassing the following:

  • Removal of cultural soils within the area of the former training premises, and demolition of the original training and accessory buildings.
  • Subsequently, 320,000 m3 of material will be extracted from the former Jeremenko spoil heap, new earth bodies will be built for servicing roads within the market premises, as well as new bodies for the road connection to Rudná Street, to be also used for the removal of excess materials from the construction site.
  • A large part of the new landfills will be formed by the earth body for the parking area, and the construction ground plane for buildings of the retail centre, Stage I, terminated with a gabion wall and an access road.

The construction includes monitoring of extracted materials in order to follow the content of combustible materials in the created earth bodies, and to follow material temperature, methane and CO occurrence.

Main work parameters

Earth removal 38 500 m2
Extraction of the former Jeremenko spoil heap 320 000 m3
New earth bodies for Stage I. 127 500 m3
Removal of excess materials 192 500 m3
Hornbach Centre Ostrava-South
Hornbach Centre Ostrava-South
Hornbach Centre Ostrava-South
Hornbach Centre Ostrava-South