PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group has no COVID-19 infections or quarantines


Despite the ongoing epidemic and ever-increasing number of infected people in the Czech Republic and Europe, the companies of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL (formerly AWT) Group, which is part of PKP CARGO Group, the leading logistics operator in the EU, have not recorded any positive cases of COVID-19 among their employees or any quarantined workers. All companies can continue to provide their services to customers without any restrictions. The Board of Directors of the parent company PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL a.s. has already thanked their employees several times for their professional and responsible approach to all measures undertaken.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe, the Group immediately established a Crisis Staff, which quickly and regularly informed employees about the Czech government’s measures, and it issued its own measures for employees in order to minimize the risk of infection and to ensure trouble-free operations in all companies.

“We are fully aware that many of our employees move around in the so-called first line and in recent months their work has been different than before. That is why we introduced strict safety and cleanliness rules at the very beginning and ensured a rapid supply of hygienic, disinfectant and protective equipment for employees of the Group. At the same time, employees who were able to worked from home, and when necessary we provided them with the equipment. As an added benefit, we also provided allowances for meals and expenses connected to home office. Today, I am pleased to say that despite the COVID-19 crisis in Europe, we remain a stable provider of transport, logistics and construction services for our customers, and that is especially thanks to our employees,” says Maciej Walczyk, Chairman of the Board of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL a.s.

At the same time, the transport companies in the Group see an ideal opportunity today and so they support the European Union’s long-term efforts to move goods from congested roads to railways as part of the campaign #zesilnicenazeleznici (#tirynatory in the case of the Polish parent company PKP CARGO S.A.). The construction of the Paskov Terminal has made the company a pioneer of intermodal transport in the Czech Republic and it still sees a great future for this mode of transport. The development of combined transport is also part of the PKP CARGO Group’s strategy until 2023, where it seeks to increasingly strengthen its position and it has the ambitious goal of becoming number one in this segment for the Trio region (Baltic-Adriatic-Black Sea) and for New Silk Road routes in Europe.

Lukáš Kresač

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