New Karolina Ostrava

Construction of the New Karolina Ostrava complex is divided into 4 stages. The stages are independent, and they will be constructed consecutively.

Stage I – Infrastructure and rough terrain modifications

Start date: 06/2008
Finish date: 09/2010
Main construction investor: Multi Veste Czech Republic 5, s.r.o.New Karolina Ostrava

Subproject investor companies

  • New Karolina Shopping Center Development, s.r.o.
  • New Karolina Office Development, a.s.
  • New Karolina Residential Development s.r.o.

Total financial volume of the order: CZK 357 000 000
Of that:

Utility buildings CZK 900 000
Water management buildings CZK 55 000 000
Transportation constructions CZK 130 000 000
Terraine modifications CZK 120 000 000
Other infrastructure CZK 51 100 000

The order includes the provision of the complete infrastructure for the newly-built Ostrava quarter, the area of which in the planned future built-up zone approaches 20 ha. A complete network of new sewage and rainfall drainage systems will be built within this area as part of construction stage I, as well as new distributions of water line feeders, connections for the buildings, and the connection to the electricity distribution network.

The preparation and infrastructure will be built for the future tram and trolley tracks in a way that ensures the newly-built ground adaptations of the terrain are not impaired in the process of the introduction.

The order furthermore includes the complete implementation of solidified areas around the future buildings of the shopping centre, around the administrative building and also the residential building. Adaptations of the grounds of the central square in front of the historical double hall will be achieved next, and the stage will terminate with final terrain and park adaptations.

New Karolina Ostrava complex
New Karolina Ostrava complex
New Karolina Ostrava
New Karolina Ostrava